Katie’s First Deer Season 2015

Katie had quite an eventful first deer season this year.  Saturday she and the other 3 went to deer camp in the afternoon with Jason to play with all the other kids.  I picked Kyle up about an hour later so I could get him to take a nap, the others stayed.   After Kyle’s nap we went back and picked the other 3 up for mandatory rest time in the van!  That lasted from deer camp to McDonalds and back (about 20 minutes.)

We got back and got settled back into playing and it wasn’t long after that when all the kids that were present (more than 10) got on the trampoline at one time (there is a trampoline inside at deer camp, the kind with the net enclosure).   All was fine until we see Katie holding her face and making her way off the trampoline, she had gotten cold cocked in the face by someone (we still aren’t sure, but it doesn’t matter) and had a nice swollen bruise to show for it.    The rest of the evening she divided her time between jumping on the tramopline when no one else was on it or sitting with Jason and me while we visited with friends.    So when I announced around 9 that I was taking the boys home, she was quick to volunteer to go home too so that she could get some medicine for her headache.   :-)


The eye the NEXT day.

The next day, Jason offered to take the girls hunting with him.  His dad had set up a ground blind and he wasn’t going to be using it that evening.  Abby was not able to go because she had a bithday party to attend, but Katie was ready and willing to go!   That is until she found out she had to wear the blaze orange hat……   After we explained why she had to wear it (its the law and for safety) and did agree to put it on, ONCE she got out to the woods, but not before.

As luck would have it, they had some deer come near them after they had been in the blind for only 10 minues, so they were happy to sit and watch them for a while and finally Katie told Jason to shoot one, so he tried…..   :-)  We will just end that by saying that Jason did not have to use his only tag on the small doe he was shooting just for the sake of shooting one so Katie could witness it!

When they got home I asked her if it was fun, she said it was, but when I questioned if she thought she would hunt when she got older, she made it clear that she has no plans for that to happen!! :-)

Daddy and Katie are both still telling me stories today about their great hunting adventrue, so I would say it was a succesful time out for both of them!!


Katie’s first time deer hunting.

Facebook Free.

Several weeks ago I made the decision to “deactivate” my facebook account.  There were many reasons that I decided to take the break, but the biggest was that using it rarely brought me any type of joy or happiness anymore.   I found myself frustrated or irritated after looking at it more often than not.   I do miss seeing friends and family pictures and funny status updates, but not enough to sign back in yet. :-)

Besides the “free time” I have gained is totally worth being rid of it, I was in a bad habit of checking facebook multiple times a day and evening, especially at home.   Now that I don’t have that, I can walk past my phone in the kitchen and not even glance at it…. Besides when I get the urge to post something to instagram!  (I couldn’t go cold turkey from ALL social media, are you serious!?!)

If I still had facebook, here are some of the things that most likely would have shown up on my page:

*We got a new to us van!!!    It’s not very exciting to me, but it sure is to the kids!   Power doors, need I say more?!?!?    No TV/DVD player in it, but so far we are surviving with Mickey’s Christmas Carols on repeat!  (AHHHHHHH!)

*Jen and I went shopping a couple of weeks ago in Chesterfield, MO.   Such a fun place to shop – stores EVERYWHERE!   Lots of shopping done for ourselves!   And my first meal at Chick Fil A!   Yum!

*Jason and I ran up to Champaign for a morning of shopping last weekend.  It was actually really fun and a nice day, we haven’t done that in years and it was fun having a chauffeur!

*I really need to look into “Thomas Anonymous” meetings for Kyle, the kid has a problem.  He lives and breathes Thomas the Train, totally addicted!

*Kyle does not care at all when he pees his pants, he keeps running around in the wet clothes until we realize it and have to track down the puddle…… this child is not ready for potty training, but I am hoping he will be before his 13th birthday, at least.  (And yes, we take him into the bathroom every 20 minutes to try to get him to go, he won’t)

*Good news is, Jacob can write his own name now, bad news is he wants to write it anywhere but paper… like all over his body.

*When asked who he wants to bring to his Thanksgiving Feast at school (he can only have one guest) Jake’s response “All my friends and family!!!”

*Jake is very in to birthday parties, when I told him it was Grandma Connie’s birthday this morning, his first question was “Now is this Grandma Polly or Grandma Connie?”  I said Connie, his next question “So will all the friends and family be there for the party at her house?”


((The girls are still keeping us hoping too, but not quite as busy as their brothers!))

Have a safe deer season!

Potty Training Kyle, Take 1

The sitter decided to try to potty train all the little diaper wearing male toddlers at her house last week.  Kyle is the oldest out of the group and of course the one putting up the biggest fight about it.  He refuses to wear underwear after the 2nd day and wants nothing to do with the toilet at home.   At her house he will go to the bathroom when she tells him it is time, but he just grunts enough to get a couple drips out and then says “done” and right back into his diaper.

I am not surprised, since birth, if it’s not his idea to do something, he isn’t going to do it, his personality is MUCH like his sister Katie’s (pray for Jason and I raising these two).    :-)

We are going to take it slow and hope he decides to start wearing underwear at some point in the next few years!  ;-)

But he will willingly wear the underwear on his head (and so will his brother……


 Jake told Jason this morning that he wanted red and green “Springles” (Pringles) and the night before when eating his chips he told me that they were making lots of “sprinkles” on the floor (crumbs).


I won’t lie, I just had to do the math to confirm that today is my 36th birthday…. Seems after 31 I have a hard time keeping track of how old I am.  :-)

The girls were so excited for my birthday this morning and popped out of bed and ran to get my gift.  I waited to open it until the boys were awake and the wait was driving the girls crazy!!   Jake woke up and came in the bathroom and greeted me with “Happy Birthday Mommy!!  Are all your friends and family coming over tonight for the party?”

I got a pair of compression socks and new house slippers!!  (Remember I did do the math so it is confirmed I am only 36 not 86, but I still was excited about those socks and slippers!!)

 At work today I got showered with many “Happy Birthday” stop ins and calls, I got beautiful flowers delivered, a set of awesome homemade pot holders, lottery tickets and got to hang out at lunch with a dear friend.

I got home from work to a surprise pie and cake that my husband had picked up for me!  

Tonight Grandma Polly came over and watched the boys (who were upset they weren’t invited) while the girls and Jason took me to TGIFridays and Walmart.  We got home and had cake! 

Jason took “put the boys to bed” duty and I will finish my evening with dishes and laundry.  #reallife :)

It’s been a great day made even sweeter by all my great friends and family who have remembered to text me and wish me a happy day!  (Shout out to Emma, who was my first niece or nephew to text and won “my favorite” status for the next year.) 


She’s coming around….

Today Katie had a first… her first halloween parade at school where she did not come walking out of the building crying.  Although she had her first cousin Maria* there to hold her hand (which I know made all the difference in the world!) it was a good first step for her to be in the public eye without tears!!

*Maria is observing in Katie’s classroom several times this year as part of her college requirements, Katie is on cloud 9 about it.

In other news:

Kyle has been carrying around a half sheet of ripped paper out of a catalog that has 4 or 5 Thomas the Train toys pictured on it.   He shows them to me and Jason (and anyone else that is over) often and just points and says “Tom.”   Yesterday he had speech therapy and last night he came up to me and said “I want, I want” and then pointed to the pictures on the paper.   I thought this was great and exciting that he learned a new phrase.  Today I got his weekly report from his therapist where she said “I continue to work on use of syllables, increasing phrase length as well as “I want” phrases.”   This made me laugh out loud.  I believe the therapist had in mine he would use the phrase to let us know what basic need he needed fullfilled, drinks, food, warmth, etc…. NOPE, he is going to use this new speech to get himself a new Thomas train! ;-)

Also last night he was outside with Jason and it was chillly, after an hour he looked at Jason, waved his hands in front of him and said, “Hands, House.”   His hands were freezing and he wanted to come in the house to get warm……  we are getting somewhere with his communication, slowly by surely!  :-)

Survey Says….

Abby was doing a survey of 30 people for a school project.  She was asking what your favorite animal was,based on 5 choices.  She surveyed our whole family and it was Kyle’s turn. 

Abby: Kyle what is your favorite animal; horse, giraffe, elephant, dog, or cat? 

Kyle: No, Tom. *
*His standard answer to most things is “Tom” as in Thomas the Train, which he is obsessed with.  😀

Hey God!

At Jake’s 4 year old well baby visit last week, they took his height measurement (43 inches) and I told him after the appointment that he was now tall enough for the big water slides at the water park.   Since then he will tell anyone willing to listen how he is now tall enough for the red and the blue slides!!!

I took Jake to church this evening and we had my mom with us too.   After church Father Chris was standing outside greeting everyone.  Jake ran up to him:

Jake – “Hey God, God, God, hey God!”

Fr Chris – “Well I am God’s representative”

Jake – “I am tall enough for the red AND the blue slide now!!!”

Fr Chris – “I think you need a high five for that!”

Jake – {Gives Father a double high five and struts away}

No Name Friends

Jake got his Pre-K class picture from school yesterday.  I handed it to him to look at.

me: Jake, what are your friends’ names?

Jake:hmmm, well there I am next to Ms. Jamie…..  and there is a girl next to Ms. Renee….. and Braxton!

me: who else?


(1 name out of 13, not bad I guess!)  ;-)

12 years

Sunday, Jason and I celebrated our 12th Wedding Anniversary.   12 sounds like a long time when you say it, but it certainly didn’t (doesn’t) feel like a long time.    We “celebrated” last weekend with dinner in Terre Haute and a Rodney Carrington show, which was just okay.   This weekend on our actual anniversary we were camping at Wolf Creek with friends and family.   It was a wonderful weekend, weather wise and company wise and we had a very nice time.  We decided that on Sunday we wouldn’t hurry home in the morning and instead enjoy the morning at camp.  We took our time with breakfast and started to clean up and then took a break for a bike ride and a walk down to the lake to explore for a while.   Jacob asked to go to the other park while we were on that side of the campground so we did that too before riding back to the camper and finishing up the clean up work and heading home.   The boys took naps on the way home.  We spent the afternoon lounging and cleaning out the camper and then went to visit and congratulate my niece who got engaged the day before, then off to mass in the evening and picked up some supper in town before heading home.   It was a good day!

12 years ago on my wedding day, if you would have asked me how my 12th Anniversary would be spent, I most likely would have said “on a tropical vacation with my husband,” (or something equally exotic or expensive) but today thinking back on how my day was REALLY spent …. I think it was a perfect day with my family and I couldn’t ask for more than that!   We are blessed!

Pig Pen

Kyle’s most normal state: 

(The picture doesn’t show the black palms of his hands or the 3 wipes that I had already used that were all black now too) 😀