How it feels when your baby turns 3.

In a word it feels unreal.   How in the world is it possible that the squishy little peanut has been on this earth for 3 entire  years already?!?!



By pure luck, this week, I stumbled upon this email that I wrote exactly 3 years ago:

To: sisters, mom
Subject: RE: Monday Morn
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2013 15:48:47 +0000

I am okay – lots of contractions – but nothing regular.
Jake wrestled baby a lot yesterday – he prefers me sitting on the floor of whatever room he is in so he can walk around me and jump on me when he feels like it- so he is trying his hardest to speed this process up.  :-)
I did start packing yesterday.



I had NO idea when I wrote this that Kyle was going to make his appearance THAT night, my water broke a little after midnight.



Kyle celebrated his 3rd birthday one week early with a party with his family, grandparents, godmother, uncle and cousins, oh and Toby too.    We had a snack train and a birthday cake.   He LOVED his new trains (2 Gordons and 1 Ryan) and his Thomas the Train balloon.  He looked like a balloon handler in the Macy’s parade as he ran around the house with his starburst for a tether to the huge balloon.  This year he did not cry when we sang to him.  He attempted to blow out the candles, but proved to need help from his siblings to get the job done.

Kyle Blowing

I think I love Katie’s reaction as much as I love the way Kyle was trying to blow out the candles!

After the candles were out he ripped into the presents and then immediately grabbed them and ran for the living room where he stayed most of the rest of the night playing.

On the next Tuesday, I mentioned in the car that it would be Kyle’s birthday in a couple days, Jake replied “What?!  Again?!  How many birthdays does he get to have?!?!”  :-)


-Kyle at 3 years old

  • Still has a train addiction that can not be stopped.  He lives and breathes trains.
  • NO interest in potty training.
  • LOVES baths and playing in bubbles (washing dishes or the bathtub)
  • Favorite cartoon is currently Tom and Jerry
  • Loves watching You Tube videos of people playing with Thomas the train sets
  • Likes to recreate what he sees on the videos at home (Crashes, pile ups, etc)
  • Will transfer from in home speech services to walk in services at the school district
  • Had a growth spurt and is skin and bones, even though he eats constantly.
  • He is not a great meal eater, but grazes like a champion.  He loves fruit, peanut butter crackers, milk, breakfast foods.
  • Still not sleeping IN a bed.  Sleeps on the floor of his bedroom, but if he goes to Grandmas house, he will sleep in a bed.
  • Has the softest most unmanageable hair I have ever seen
  • His personality is developing and is turning out to be quite goofy
  • He has several of the Tom and Jerry episodes memorized and will say the parts (in his own way/speech) along with them, along with gestures.
  • Still prefers Daddy over Mommy in most situations
  • Still doesn’t sit quietly at church, but is getting better.  Last week he actually was decent and even Daddy said he may be turning the corner and we can all start going to church together again.
  • Is LOVED by his parents and siblings!


Dual Birthday Party

Katie decided last summer that she wanted to have a birthday party at a local tumbling gym after she had attended a really fun party there.   I knew at the time that she may change her mind, so I didn’t think too much about it.  Fast forward a couple months and she kept bringing it up, so I finally investigated the idea.   The gym rental was pricey (in our mind) and you are allowed up to 20 kids, so we decided that the best option would be a joint party…. half the party for Katie and friends and the other half Abby and friends.   The girls were hesitant about this at first, but when we explained that was the ONLY way they were getting a party like this, they quickly got on board with the idea.  :-)

We picked a date in between their birthdays and I sent in the deposit.   As the date neared and the girls had made their lists of guests, I knew it was time to send out the invite.  The same day I was deciding how to send out the invite (mail, email, text, etc) we got a text from one of Abby’s friends mom….. they were having her daughter’s birthday party at the same place ON the SAME DAY just the 2 hour slot before ours!   Turns out they had pretty much the exact same people invited, so the 10 year old group got to play at the gym for 4 hours instead of just 2!  They were all so super excited about it!

The day of the party went off very smoothly.  The two age groups of friends played great together and there were no fights to be settled or problems to be solved.   Katie did have a little issue at the singing of Happy Birthday and with being in front of the crowd to open gifts, but beyond that, she had fun too.    I was glad when the party was over!

Katie reports that the party was “okay” and Abby loved it.  (Typical of their personalities)  Katie said that next time she might just want to have a friend over instead of lots of friends at the same time and Abby of course wants another party on her actual birthday with all 9 girls back over!!!   (again, exact opposites!)



GIrls Birthday

Everything in 3’s….

Last week our home computer stopped turning on (Thanks to Kyle).  (it had to be replaced)

2 days later the Dryer stopped working. (replacing the timer on it)

A couple days we came home to a huge puddle in the laundry room created by a leaking water heater…… (full replacement)

Thank goodness things only come in threes, we can’t afford any more repairs and replacements!!!     :-)




Snow Much Fun!

The kids went out to play the day after the snow fell after we got home from daycare and school.   It is SO (snow… haha) much easier to get them ready to go this year, compared to last.   Kyle cooperates and Jake can do a lot of it himself.  The girls are completely self sufficient with the exception of gloves on occasion.    In fact now when the girls only want to go out, I am not involved at all past the point of saying “okay.”   It’s pretty great.   It gives me much hope for what the summer brings in terms of how much help the kids will need when wanting to go outside to play or while we are camping!! Yea!!  Watching the kids grow up so fast is sad sometimes, but sometimes it makes me very giddy for the return of some free time!!!  :-)


Flashback! 2008

I am cleaning out closets and found a unmarked CD, put it in and found out it was old files from one of my previous computers.  On it I found this document:


Abby told Me tonight at Dinner – You are my best friend.  Daddy’s response – what am I chop liver?  – Abby’s answer a couple minutes later – Daddy is a chocolate chip! 


Abby’s favorite movie – Wizard of Oz – we watch it EVERY NIGHT


Katie is trying to walk – taking steps here and there.  She loves to play with whatever someone else has.  At the sitters she has been sitting on the other babies (Same thing Abby use to do when she was that age)


Abby loves to ask questions!


Abby will declare out of the blue “I’m Happy today”


Abby also now names Katie as her “Best Friend”


This morning as Abby and Jason were getting ready to leave for church – from the other room I said – Good Bye Abby —

Jason said ‘Abby did you hear your mom?”

Abby – Yes

Jason – What do you say to her? 

Abby – Be Quiet.   (all morning Jason had been telling Abby to be quiet because Katie was sleeping (she is sick)



We took the girls to see Santa for the first time

He was visiting with another little girl when we got there – Abby sat on my lap watching – it was her turn – I said would you like to sit on Santa’s lap?  – NO – want Katie too?  – NO!.   Katie sat on Santa’s lap and Abby stood next to him – then she got on his lap and told him that she wanted a mermaid camera and a mermaid phone (same thing she has been telling anyone who would listen)  after she was done talking to Santa then she said to me – “am I gonna get my phone?” 

When we got home she asked Jason if he ate his candy cane all gone at the north pole. Abby kept saying we were going to the north pole to visit Santa.

Apparently this was my preblog start!  :-)   I can’t even imagine how much simpler my life was then, and I probably didn’t even appreciate it!!  


8 is Great! – KT – 8YO

January 5th was Katie’s 8th birthday.  This post was started on her birthday, but just finished more recently…..

My little bird is growing up so quickly.  We don’t need a booster seat in the van anymore!  Down to just 2 car seats!   Katie had her family cake and ice cream party last night at home.  She got everything she was really wanting, including a fitbit type bracelet for tracking her steps.   This morning she would not let me wish her a happy birthday until 7:15 – her official birth time.  :-)


Her godmother, Angie, and Maria took her out on the town the evening of her birthday and spoiled her rotten.   The next evening we ordered Joe’s pizza after piano lessons to be enjoyed at home.

Katie, you are growing up too fast, right in front of my eyes.  We all love you and your quirky personality so very much!!  Have a great 8th year!!

Jr. Chef

Abby has taken an interest in helping with supper lately.  She did when she was younger too, but the difference now, she is old enough to be helpful! 

This week she has taken the lead on pancakes and grilled cheese! :)


2015 Review

I honestly can’t believe that the year is gone already…. it always amazes me how fast they fly by!

2015 was a good year to us, we had our health and that is worth more than anything else.   We were blessed with a new nephew, a new camper, and a new van.  Jason and I got to get out of the country for a few days, courtesy of his employers, and the kids got to go on MANY adventures in the way of camping trips.  The girls both had their first hunting experience, which may be the highlight of Daddy’s year, finally someone to share his hobby with!

Kyle had in home speech services for most of the year, he is making improvements, but has a long way to go.

Jake is now in school, a new chapter in his life, and so far he looks to be a good match for it.  Loving the social aspect more than anything.

Katie is in the second grade and still aspires to be a teacher some day.  Her in home classroom is growing (thanks to contributions made at Christmas) and she spends most of her time there teaching the imaginary leaders of tomorrow.

Abby is in the fourth grade and still plans to be a hairdresser, or a photographer when she gets older.   Her social life is starting to blossom with many sleep overs and birthday parties attended in the last year.

I spent time yesterday reading every post that I posted in 2015, which in reality didn’t take too long because I was a slacker most months!   I love that I have this blog to record the “everyday” moments that would be lost by my terrible memory and I hope that you enjoy sharing in those moments with us.  Here’s to a happy healthy 2016 and to more blogging!!  :-)

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Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015 is over and done, although my house still looks like a bomb went off in it, a Thomas the train bomb more specifically.   We all had a great Christmas, getting spoiled by everyone and enjoying our time with our families.

This year I took off of work on the 23rd because our sitter took off and the girls had off school, that was the First Day of Christmas Vacation post….. so you know how that day went.   Christmas Eve was a bit better, there were not near as many castrophies going on around me.  Jason got off work at noon, Kyle napped and we all got ready for mass.  Grandma Polly and Kyle stayed home while the rest of us went to 4;30 mass at St A.   Jake was good as gold and so were the girls.  After mass we picked up Grandma and Kyle and went to visit the Zerrusen’s for our annual Christmas Eve drinks and snacks.   We got home and got everyone in bed and then waited for Santa to arrive.

Christmas morning I was the first one up around 6:15.  Katie was up shortly after me and we had everyone up, including Grandma Polly and Toby, who had spent the night, by 6:45.   The kids had a hay day opening gifts and were so excited by each one.  At one point Jake opened a nerf gun and exclaimed “Oh LOOK!  A big plastic thing!!”   After the presents, I made breakfast and we ate.  Grandma and Toby left for their house and we cleaned up the dishes and helped put together toys.   We loafed around the house snacking, drinking, watching Dumb and Dumber and being general bums.  Grandma Connie and Grandpa Jerry came over in the afternoon to see all the loot.   We called Grandma Polly back over and ate supper and played the girls new games – Quick Cups and Bounce Off.   The grandparents left later on that evening and everyone picked a spot in the living room where they promptly fell asleep!

Saturday evening we had Bloemer Christmas at my sister Kris’s house.  The kids were thrilled with all their stuff and loved getting the time to play with their cousins!!!    Late Sunday morning we headed for Grandma Connie and Grandpa Jerry’s house to eat lunch and open more gifts and have more time to play with cousins.   We got home from their house and officially crashed!

The house is still a wreck a couple days later.   We have some organizing to do to make room for the new stuff!   The tree needs to come down, as it is starting to shed a LOT, and Kyle has decided he wants to play behind it now…. ugh.     It was a great Christmas season where we counted our many blessings many times.  My wish is that you had a great holiday season too!

First day of Christmas Vacation 

So far today: Found my new couch had been drawn on with marker

My Shepard from my beloved nativity was beheaded (shattered)

Lotion was pumped out all over carpet and toys in living room 

Plunger/toilet were a playground for a roaming child


Needless to say I put some rum in my afternoon soda……